Samsung ON5 (SM-G550FY) FRP Flash File


Most common thing that people doing is resetting the phone when it hangs a lot or else ‘n’ number of wrong password enters. They are heading towards key pressing reset mode to reset the phone that means they are entering the recovery mode the wipe the user data on the phone.

Actually, the locks are presented in the User data area so if we clear the user data means it will clear all the data in the phone as well as passwords but this will not erase your google account which was you previously logged in on your phone.

After resetting the phone, phone will enters normally but it stuck at google account sign in area that is FRP (factory reset protection) area. If you knows your previously entered mail id and password, you can just your credential to enter home screen otherwise you will remain stuck at Google account sign in area. For that we are here you to help out by bypassing this google account in legit way. The requirements and procedures are given below


  • Phone should have 30% of charge
  • ODIN application should be installed on your computer
  • G550FY Combination and Flash files should be downloaded on your computer. Files are given below
  • Good USB cable


G550FY Flash File


G550FY FRP Flash File


ODIN Flash Tool



  • Put your phone in Download mode (Switch off and by pressing volume down and Power key to enter Download mode)
  • Then, Open ODIN application on your computer

  • Load the combination file into “AP” or “PDA” option
  • Now start the flashing.
  • After completed the flashing, the phone will be in binary mode or factory mode. Now you can enter into Settings and go to About Phone.
  • After entering About phone, go ahead to Build number and tap 7 times that will enable your Developer options.
  • Now just one step back in Settings and you can see the Developer option settings on your settings screen. Just enter into Developer Option and enable ‘OEM Unlock’.
  • After enabling OEM Unlock on your developer option, Switch off your phone and connect your Download mode (by pressing volume down and Power key to enter Download mode).
  • Now, move to the computer and open ODIN application again
  • Select the G550FY flash file in the PDA or AP area.
  • Now, start flashing the file.
  • Once it is done, now Phone will normally booting and enter into the welcome screen of Samsung.
  • You can now simply setting up the phone, here it will not stuck at Google Account sign in area. You can just skip it and go to complete the process.

That’s all, now you can successfully bypassed the FRP on your Samsung Galaxy ON5 (SM-G550FY). If you have any questions regarding this article, feel free to ask me in the comment section below or else contact us Telegram Group as well.


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