Solution: Redmi Y2 IMEI 0 Problem (Flash File)


Most common problem in Redmi Y2 after flashing the file is lead to IMEI 0 but the baseband is still available in the About Phone section of the Settings. For this problem, we are here to help the people out and make the phone back into normal condition.

Requirements and procedure to solve the IMEI 0 problem on Redmi Y2 are given below. You can just check it out there.


  • Make sure phone should have charge atleast 20 percentage
  • UMT Pro QC fire application should be installed in your computer and also UMT pro dongle connected your computer.
  • Downloaded the repair file of Redmi Y2 IMEI 0 on your PC and also extract it. (It is a fastboot file that file download link is given below)
  • Should have good USB cable.

Download the IMEI 0 Redmi Y2 repair file



  • Open UMT Pro QCfire application on your computer
  • Untick the “Automatic” option and select the ‘Firehose’ file of above firmware.
  • Select the ‘Raw Program’ file in the program selection.
  • Select the ‘Patch.xml’ file in the Patch selction

Redmi Y2 umt pro qcfire imei 0 solution

  • Then connect the phone in edl (Emergency download) mode by switch off and open the back panel and short the two test points that is shown in the below image and connect the USB.

  • Now, back to UMT Pro QCfire application, Click on the ‘Flash’ button. Then, the flashing process will start. Do not disconnect or remove the cable until the process has been completed.
  • Once, the process is completed, disconnect the USB cable and press the ‘Power’ button to turn on the phone.
  • Now, your phone will back into normal stage.
  • Then, go ahead and open up the dialer app to type *#06# on it. Now, your IMEI number will appear.

That’s all for this problem. If you have questions regarding this issue, feel free to ask me in the comment section below or else post your issues on our Telegram Group. We are always ready to help you. Thank you 🙂


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